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Cultivating The Next Generation of Dual Language Speakers Starting With Our Most Valuable Resource: Our Kids.

Intersecting play based learning with secondary language acquisition is what we do.

How It Works

Multilingual App

Language learning app for bicultural kids ages 1-7 that incorporates AI to develop lessons based on their primary and secondary language needs.

Interactive Tactiles

Digitally interactive tactiles known as DigiPieces are available in various shapes including letters, numbers and geometric shapes that interact with our app activities to provide an interactive experience.

Holistic Learning Experience

Language learning experience for kids that facilitates native language development in effort to decrease generational communication gaps - all while fully engaging them through physical & digital play!

How It Works

What’s Next?

Our product is currently being developed & will be available soon!



Bilingüe (pronounced ‘bili-n-guay’--no worries we get that a lot) or Bili for short is a native language learning EdTech for bicultural kids.

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