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Bilingüe (pronounced ‘bili-n-guay’--no worries we get that a lot) or Bili for short is an EdTech language learning platform. We believe that all children should be encouraged to develop their secondary language skills at an early age.


Bicultural kids who are 1st, 2nd, 3rd generation in a country should have access to a financially and culturally accessible language learning platform that encourages the development of their native language.


Kids who do not have a secondary language spoken in their family should be encouraged and exposed to learn one for their own personal, intellectual and cultural development.


Our multilingual product brings together play based learning, tangible learning tools and culturally aware content in order to provide an engaging language learning experience for children ages 1-7.


Our mission is to engage children to build their secondary language skills. We aim to do this through accessible hands-on comprehensive learning experiences and culturally responsive teaching. Ultimately allowing us to facilitate access to the competitive advantages of speaking more than one language.


Secondary language ---> Asset


Let's build generational wealth through language together!

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